As a female athlete with DD knockers, sports bras are the utter bane of my existence. When I first started my fitness path, I’d wear two. I felt like I needed to look like the sports bra models, but I knew I needed to lean towards functionality over style. When I finally decided to make an investment, I went to the local running store to get a proper fitting. I immediately gravitated towards the sturdiest and tightest fitting bra– the Moving Comfort (now Brooks) Juno. The girls did not move an inch when I ran, but it definitely wasn’t a cute look. The bra was very difficult to wrestle on, but it provided great support. I started to chafe in certain areas, so I slathered on Body Glide in those places. If you aren’t familiar with Body Glide, become familiar with it. The Juno runs about $65, but I would occasionally find some on sale. As I upped my mileage, the amount of chafing increased. I mentioned this to my running store expert, and she suggested trying a less supportive bra. This freaked me out because I was under the impression that the girls could not move. I tried on the Moving Comfort (now Brooks) Rebound Racer. This bra has a little more give, is a little cuter, but has the same adjustment points as the Juno. It comes with a $50 price tag. I took a leap of faith and trusted the advice of my expert. I have not been disappointed. There are still areas of chafing, but they aren’t as dramatic or traumatic as the Juno. I have used this bra for a couple of years now, but decided to go over to the dark side and try a Lululemon bra. If you know anything about Lululemon, you know it’s a high-end fitness apparel retailer. It’s known for its trendy leggings worn by moms going to the grocery store. I’d read a review of the “Best Running Bras” on a running website and discovered the Enlite Bra. At $98, I wasn’t sure it was worth the extra money when the Rebound Racer worked just fine. I did find one on their “We Made Too Much” page for $78, so I decided to give it a try. I love this bra. I have had it for about a month, and I have had no chafing whatsoever. But what I like most about it is that it is quick drying. Let’s be honest, at more than $50 a pop, we only have two, maybe three, sports bras. If you exercise multiple times a week, you’re re-wearing them. They stink, they don’t dry totally after a lot of sweating, and they become crusty. The Enlite is made from a neoprene-like material. I wore it on 4 workouts in a row, and it didn’t stink. I did read some reviews that said it lost its shape and support after several washes. I have washed it once (in a lingerie bag), but it has stayed true to form. Is it worth an extra $50? I just don’t know yet. That’s a judgment call. The Rebound Racer is a perfectly acceptable bra, and it’s $48 cheaper. My final recommendation, no matter what you choose, is to get a proper fitting by a running/fitness expert. Be prepared to shell out big bucks to support your boobs. Look for sales on the websites. Ultimately, this is an investment worth spending the time and money on. Point of Note: the Juno has been reconfigured a bit since I initially wore it. It looks like it might be more forgiving, but I have not tested it.

One thought on “Sports Bras

  1. Thank you for being real and down to earth. I feel like I am reading a true story from a real person and not someone trying to sell me something. From one struggling to be healthy, I appreciate this.


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