Deciding to become more physically fit was an easy decision. Deciding how, however, was definitely not. Many people spend so much time trying to figure out WHAT to do, that they never actually DO. We download apps, join gyms, and buy stuff, but often lose steam after all of that. I love to run, but running may not be right for you. If you’re totally sedentary, deciding to run a marathon would leave you feeling defeated when you can’t get there overnight. Many choose things their friends do; this is good because you will have external support. But what happens when that friend stops doing it? Anyone can help you make the decision, but no one can make you DO anything. So, the action plan is truly an individual process. When I first decided to run, I opted for the app “Couch to 5K.” This was the early phase of this app, and fitness apps in general. It allowed me to gradually work up to running longer distances. Today, I use multiple apps for multiple purposes. I also go to a gym once a week. Choosing a gym was tough too. I really just wanted to run, but I needed a cross training day. I wanted something that challenged me, kept me motivated, and actually worked. Gyms can be daunting because you can visit them for free in exchange for a high-pressure sales pitch. Most people don’t like this, so it might be beneficial to do your research ahead of time. Don’t go somewhere you already think you’ll reject for whatever reason (finances, location, etc.).  Ultimately, I had to decide what I wanted out of my fitness program. I wanted to be outside, and I wanted to be psychologically challenged. Running is convenient for me because I don’t have to go anywhere to do it. This is an important decision, but if you can’t quite make it, just do something. Go for a walk, do a yoga video from the internet, or swim in the ocean. The more you become physically aware, the easier the decision will become.

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