IMG_0079A few years ago, my sister asked me to do a mud run with her. It was a 7-mile, 25 obstacle course, and I, at first, laughed. I had never run a mile in my entire life. I wasn’t out of shape or in the best shape, I just didn’t think running was a possibility. I blamed that on big boobs and difficult knees. Yet, she convinced me by telling me there really wasn’t that much running involved. Being the competitive person I am, I couldn’t just show up. I started by using a 5K training app that combined running and walking with increasing difficulty. At first, I hated it. I felt awkward and slow. By the weekend of the mud run, I could go about 2 miles. Of course, the mud run was, in fact, not a lot of running; it was rather torturous. Yet, I decided to continue the running. I invested in good shoes, good sports bras, and good headphones. I started to enjoy the activity. I finished my first 5K in a very un-stellar  36 minutes. But I finished. A popular local run had an 8K, and I decided I could shoot for a new goal. Again, I finished in 56 minutes and 52 seconds. From there, I did a 10K. Then a 10-miler. Then a half-marathon. I laughed when people suggested doing a full marathon. I did the math; it was exactly twice as long as a half marathon. I got a few half marathons under my belt, and I started to love the challenge. My mind would clear while running. My stress level went down. I learned to listen to my body while challenging it mentally and physically. I decided to start the training for a full to see how I could do. I slowly built up the endurance, and I signed up for a full marathon in my college town. College was not a good time for me physically or emotionally, so the challenge meant a lot more than just running.  I finished, and I have since finished 2 more full marathons and a host of half.

This page will not be all about me running. In the course of this adventure, my emotional and spiritual health has gotten better. I eat better. I am a better employee, friend, sister, daughter, and human being. That’s what this will be about. This is my journey to wellness, not a fitness fad.

That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. Forrest Gump


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